18 February 2010

i heart you berry much

i heart you berry much

Should I lie and say it grew this way?

I've been preoccupied elsewhere this week. I started tweeting. I had been following a few twits (twats?) and realized if I just joined, it'd be easier to see them all in one place. This lead to my discovering a dozen more people and wanting to be as hip and topical as they are. So now the damage is done, and I too have to think up something witty and irreverent to say twice a day in under 144 characters. The pressure to preform like a monkey will eventually die off I'm sure. Probably when I find employment. But who knows, tweeting may actually find me that job I'm looking for!

That sounded believable, right?


kerry said...

It's bad that whilst I was waiting for the post to load up on my phone, I read that title as I heart you Kerry much for a microsecond until brain went 'err, nope it'll be the picture of strawberries you saw on flickr!'

bon bon said...

aw, i do heart you kerry much. :oD

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