04 February 2010



Poor Nigel. It's one medical condition after another for him. He's on thyroid medication, needs insulin twice daily, (his diabetes has lead to blindness), currently has an ear infection, and now had to have a suspicious lump removed. He's not even eight yet. The lump is being tested and it could take ten days before we know anything. It wasn't any bigger than my thumbnail, so I was surprised to see him return with a six inch incision. He was pretty loopy the day of surgery, but about 36 hours have passed and he's already jumping on and off the couch. Probably shouldn't be, but he hasn't let anything slow him down yet. Especially when the final goal is food related.


Uncivil said...

Poor Fella. He's sure been through alot for such a young lad?
I sure am glad he's got you guys to look out for him.
Hugs from Ab & Em.

Word verf = frogai

Greg said...

Chicks dig scars.

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