05 January 2010

a new year requires reflection

a new year requires reflection

If you've skimmed my photos, you're probably aware I mainly play the the part of observer. I've never enjoyed having my photo taken. Ever. I'm not completely sure why. I didn't care to stand out in school, could certainly not be the first on the dance floor, and would turn three shades of red if more then three people were looking in my general direction. Oral reports amounted to weeks of distress. Suicide wasn't an option, but mini thoughts would pop into my head like, "if mom would just drive into that lake right now, I would get out of that book report tomorrow."

Then why the hell am I posting a photo of myself now? Pushing my limits, I suppose. I even joined a flickr group - 52 weeks of self-portraits. Being unemployed is getting to me and this will force me to put on makeup once a week. Except in the case where I'm too lazy for even that and go the artsy route. Like here. I'm still trying to sell this whole idea to myself, so your patience is appreciated.

Please don't force me to turn the comments off.


Uncivil said...

Lookin' good!
Happy New Year and then some!

bon bon said...

thanks for the encouragement.
happy new year to you and your girls as well!

S.A.S. said...

Good luck!! You have more ambition than I do.

bon bon said...

i think the word you're looking for is "time"! if i were more ambitious, i'd have a job by now. :oD

Jeff said...

Charming. For reals.

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