07 January 2010

here's your glove, mom, let's go out! here's your boot, mom, let's go out!

here's your glove, mom, let's go out! here's your boot, mom, let's go out!

Kensi is a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to her stuffed animals, but I somehow managed to dog whisper her into knowing my items were off limits. She likes to bring whatever she finds within my view, so I'll approach her, thank her for bringing it, and pat her on the head. Then she drops it. She'll just standing there holding it, looking at me beforehand. It's pretty damn adorable. In the case of my boot, it got too heavy waiting for me to get the camera out. Adorableness requires jaw strength.


VE said...

Fun blog...I've been perusing your pics...there are some nice ones in here.

Uncivil said...

Oh my goodness. I'm glad she dropped the boot so we could adore that beautiful mug of hers!!!!
She reminds me of "Baby Sinclair" on the old "Dinosaurs" (TV series)!
"Gotta luv me"!!!!!
"Not the mama"!!!!!LOL!!!

bon bon said...

thanks for stopping by, VE. i appreciate your comments!

never heard that one before, jimmy! strangely, my dad was a fan of that show, otherwise i may not have known what you were talking about. and i say "strangely" because he's more of a manix, miami vice, csi type of guy. ha!

Uncivil said...

hmmmmm......I'm more of a NCIS, NCIS LA,kind of guy. I do like CSI though, but don't watch the spin offs of that.



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