21 January 2010

guard dog

guard dog

I had joined a flickr group this year called 52 Weeks of Pix 2010 which listed a topic for each week. This week's was MY VICE. Now, I always thought a vice was a weakness but maybe I'm wrong because I entered this photo and it was rejected. Guidelines don't say anything about explaining your selection, but the admin for this group feels I need to do so. Here's what she wrote—

Hi there,
Thanks for joining 52 Weeks of Pix 2010 but I must remind you that this is a THEME-based group and not a 52 week project where you post any photo. The THEME for this week is "MY VICE" and unless you put an explanation how this fits the theme, your photos will be removed. Please read the guidelines and decide if this is the group for you. Thank you.

Debby (debby19)
52 Weeks of Pix 2010

I responded with the following—

can't tags be enough? or is it you feel that a dog can't be a vice? a picture should speak for itself in my opinion, i don't see much point in writing each week "i love my dog, she is my weakness". week 5 is ONE. really? explain it? and then RED?

no offense but i worked for ten year under a micro-manager. i really don't care to be a part of that here at flickr. this is suppose to be fun. sorry.

Back to Debby—

Maybe you misunderstood the meaning of a vice. A vice is usually a bad habit or something that is NOT good for you. I don't see how a cute dog fits into that category. And the guidelines don't state that you have to write something in the caption each week. Your photo was so vague that I requested it.

I am "micro-managing" because so MANY people do not read the guidelines and spoil it for the ones who want to have the fun you speak of. Thank you.

Now at this point, I would have wrote her back saying "I believe a vice is also a weakness, something you are a sucker for, so my dog...yadda, yadda, yadda" But I can't even write back because the bitch blocked me!! Just proving my point she's a control freak. Of course, I dropped the group because I don't care to explain myself every week to a idiot who lacks vision or a complete grasp of English.

Plus I have the last laugh because I have a blog! HA!

It'd be better though if people actually read this blog...


Dan said...

I read it! And I shall go round to that woman's house right now to shout at her on your behalf.

bon bon said...

thank you, dan. do you think i was too confrontational? i have a tendency to stir the pot. i wouldn't even have wrote about this if she hadn't decided avoidance was the best solution.

Uncivil said...

Please forward the link below to "Debby" and tell her to micro-manage this!

bon bon said...

oh, eeeeeeeeeww!! ha!

Deb said...

I read it too! Wow, wasn't she a tightass.

bon bon said...

thank you, deb. i agree. she probably squeaks when she walks.


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