02 January 2010

gordon & em: the book

gordon & em: the book

now in print

I can finally share with you the book I made Gramma for Christmas! I made one for myself and sister as well. Many of the photos can be seen in this flickr set, but there are some I haven't yet uploaded. I think I've mentioned before, I have quite a stash. Both Gramma and Kim loved it! Although Kim said all she had gotten for Christmas was an abscessed tooth, so I probably could've gotten her a mug saying "world's greatest brother" and she'd have done a merry jig.

EDIT: I realized later in the day while writing the date, that today is a palindrome. 01/02/2010. I'm probably one of sixteen people (none of whom read this blog) who find this interesting.


kerry said...

I find that interesting, although it completely passed me by. Actually, it will have passed me by seeing as we wouldn't write it that way :)

I think this is great, I'd love to do something similar but I don't think we have the same stash of photos as you do. Who did you use for your book?

bon bon said...

in your case, it's coming up february 1st!

i used kodakgallery.com but there are many out there. blurb, shutterfly, and you can do it right through flickr too, i've more recently noticed. go to organize & create, then print & create. i'll have to try a calendar from there next year.

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