29 December 2009

a heady topic/grand finale

a heady topic

grand finale

My Gramma has become a semi-frequent viewer of this here blog, and what would every gramma world-over like to see more of? You got it! The fruits of their labor! So, I'm digging out these shots of my kids taken earlier in the month. I generally don't take a lot of photos of them these days as they are in their twenties. Twenty-somethings tend not to change greatly month to month, as you may know. Plus they are quite apathetic when seeing me with camera at this stage.

These were shot during Tria's birthday dinner at Muramoto in Madison. Happy, belated, public birthday, dear! You can thank great-gramma...

28 December 2009

winter coat

winter coat

Why our holiday travel plans were postponed. Actually, it warmed up considerably the next day, but then our destination was getting snowed on. We left the 26th, driving through snow. December is much lovelier in action when the viewer is stationary.

18 December 2009

halls decked

halls decked

I still have several gifts to wrap, two to mail, and three more Christmas cards to write to distant friends. Those that don't have the decency and good sense to read my blog, that is. Can you believe I even call them friends?

I already opened one of my gifts the other day. Both my husband and I have been making a few amazon purchases, and since you don't know what it is until you open it, open it, I did. No real harm done though because when I last spoke of the book in question, he told me Santa may have it loaded on his sleigh already. Or maybe it was something pertaining to Santa being loaded. Anyhoo, it was wrapped in plastic so it was not viewed. I simply wrapped it and put it under the tree with my name on it.

To phantom kitty. xo, Santa.

16 December 2009

14 December 2009

robolove's print

robolove had prints there too!

Saturday night we took the weather up on it's challenge to drive the icy roads to Madison to attend the Art Pedaler Show at Revolution Cycles. This piece was done by my husband! Isn't he creative? So dedicated to his craft! I'm more dedicated to Dexter and 30 Rock.

I've changed his link below because he was neglecting his blog, so now it takes you to his flickr page. You can see this print close up there. I should add a link to his Etsy site too. (For your holiday shopping pleasure!)

I've been preoccupied with things other then tv lately as well. Like shoveling, Christmas shopping, putting decorations up, more shoveling, writing greeting cards, and a photo book I put together for someone special. I can't share the details yet because they occasionally read the nonsense I post, so all I'll say is, it arrived a couple days ago and it's looks awesome! I'll spill more about it after the holidays...

06 December 2009

have a sweet and frosty christmas, everyone!

have a sweet and frosty christmas, everyone!

Baking, baking, baking...
Frosting, eating, getting migraines...'tis the season!

Just a few minor nuisances during an otherwise busy week! Next Friday is my big shopping day in Madison. I will take my Imitrex just in case.

I've shared the recipes of my Gramma's Otto's Cookies and Mom's Honey Cookies at flickr. Hope you bake and enjoy them yourself!

03 December 2009

"am i blue..."

"am i blue..."

I let the pugs outside mid-morning and didn't give the falling snow much thought until I saw the all these perfectly formed flakes landing on their black fur. Of course, I would've love to have gotten a shot of a snowflake on a pug, but it's hard enough getting a leaf to hold still while using a macro lens.

"Sure Mom, we'll sit on this cold ground and allow you to indulge in your lunacy."

01 December 2009



Dad told me how many thousands of apples came off this one tree, but that was a few months back so I've forgotten. It was a four digit number, that much I recall. Because it sounded like something he just plucked out of the air. He's a good plucker, I'll give him that.

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