06 November 2009

teat man

teat man

Grampa walks into a bar, sits at a stool and proceeds to tell a fellow patron that his best cow gave him fifteen gallons of milk that day! The bartender, overhearing the story says, "That's bullshit! No cow can produce fifteen gallons of milk in one day."

Time passes and another gentleman comes in, and sits on the other side of Grampa.

"By golly, I had a cow today give me twelve gallons of milk!" he says proudly.

"Wait a minute," yells the bartender, "just a short time ago you claimed that cow gave you fifteen gallons!"

"Yeah, but that's before you said it was bullshit."

True story. Sums the man up perfectly.

1 comment:

Uncivil said...

Bessie the cow has her left leg cocked like she's ready to kick the camera?
Great tale about Grandpa!

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