03 November 2009

dog & whiskey

dog & whiskey

I have a few too many side projects in the works. One being adding names and images to my family tree, and another is scanning and cleaning up shots of my mom's parents so I can eventually compile a book. Both are ridiculous undertakings as more photos and information keep popping up. I've got my sister involved in the research now, so she's cursing me via email regularly.

This strange gentleman is my Grampa Revling. Of which (no exaggeration) hundreds of photos exist. Compare that to images of my dad's dad, and well, I have yet to collect one. Grampa loved being in front of, and behind the camera. There are boxes filled with shots of his family, his dogs and cats, his cows, his tractors, the homes and furniture he built, the cars he owned, weather conditions...well, you get the idea. I'm guessing Grampa would've been on flickr had it existed at the time.

Grampa passed in 2002. I feel pretty fortunate to have grown up next door to this nutjob. I miss his stories, which on occasion were total bullshit. Fiction could always improve on truth in Grampa's book. And of course, whiskey could improve on fiction.


Uncivil said...

Haha.....what a family. I went to your Flickr and really enjoyed the old photos.
Grandpa was a character wasn't he.
What a joy he must have been to grow up with.

bon bon said...

i think he mellowed a little as he aged (fermented), as i have more shots of him clowning in his youth. somewhere i've a photo of him hanging upside down from the second story of a building.

my mom was luckier in that she witnessed the physical insanity. i remember him more for his stories and quick wit. either way, a constant source of entertainment...

Ms. Mamma said...

This is very cool. All of these shots are so good I wonder about the person who took them... BTW.. a few months ago I think I looked at your hubs website. Wowee! What cool stuff. The two of you are so gorgeously talented! I love your work.

bon bon said...

i think gramma took some, but from what i understand grampa enjoyed being photographed so much, he would just set up the shot and tell whoever was around to press the trigger.

that's sweet of you to say! the hubs has a etsy site now too!

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