23 November 2009



Returning from a family visit up north means I have more old photos and stories to share. This one is by request from my Uncle Donnie, the taller of the two mischievous youngsters shown here. (Not counting the bear.) Circa 1957 or so.

Story has it, another relative shot this bear on a rather cold day, and left it lie overnight, possibly a few days even, outside. Result? Bearsicle. He then hauled it over to my grandparents' milkhouse to thaw out. Didn't take long for the Revling boys to realize they had a photo-op on their hands. Here Donnie is protecting Ronnie from certain bear annihilation armed only with a pipe wrench. Ronnie doesn't seem all that worried.

Click here to see more retro family photos. They keep coming so I keep adding...


Uncivil said...

Oh, that is so worth emailing around the world and back! Love it!
57 was a very good year you know?
Uncivil was born that year!

bon bon said...

quite the show, wasn't it?

and i cannot confirm the status of 1957, as i am soooo much younger. ;o)

Ms. Mamma said...

What a photo. Excellent.

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