16 November 2009



We went up to my parents this weekend. They haven't raked yet. Nigel took advantage. Last autumn he still had enough vision to see where your hand was and dive at you with his mouth wide open and this carnivorous look that pretty much told you to get the hell out of the way, fast. This year you're much safer as he now listens for "the wind up" then jumps for "the pitch". It's highly amusing. If you throw a handful of leaves at Kensi, she just stands there. "How is this fun now?"

Dogs with o.c.d. are clearly more entertaining.


Uncivil said...

I just wanna hug him and squeeze him!!!!!!! "Nod-Jo"...I love it!

bon bon said...

hee hee!!! kensi accepts hugs on nod-jo's behalf. food is also a recognised form of affection.

Ms. Mamma said...

Love it! He looks like a mini Neopolitan. What a mastino!

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