25 November 2009



I'll have to ask Gramma the occasion for this portrait. Donnie was born in 1945, so I'm guessing the year. I think Grampa would've been out of the army at this point, but maybe not. Otherwise, I'm not sure of his whereabouts. Maybe this photo was a gift for him. Isn't Mom adorable in her little sailor suit though? I love it. My uncle Ronnie would not be born yet for another seven years, so really there aren't that many photos of Mom and her youngest brother together, as there's a thirteen year difference. Ronnie is just five years older then my brother making him closer in age to his nephew then his siblings. I know, you've stop reading this three sentences back.

I just wanted to post this photo before Thanksgiving as I'll be busy now with turkey, and dressing, and furniture arranging to accommodate fourteen people. We won't be traveling north to be with these folks, mainly because Thanksgiving to my parents means hunting season, so we share this holiday with our own kids and several friends instead. But we're thinking about them and hope they give thanks by bagging a few deer.

To any of you (still) reading this, I hope your Thanksgiving is equally full of family, friends, food and blessings.

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