31 October 2009

team cupcake, go!

team cupcake, go!

Thursday and Friday I assisted my friends, Wade and Laura at Cupcakes-a-gogo with a hefty order. 1300+ cupcakes for American Girl's employee appreciate day. Most of their orders are birthday parties, weddings and showers, maybe 3-10 dozen. A request for 105 dozen required a third body, and really I wasn't doing anything.

And yes, I work for cupcakes. I played the part of Deadbeat Employee #2.

Go here to watch Laura get all creative AND get her recipe for pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes, or see my links below to order from her directly if you're in the Madison area.


Uncivil said...

Oh, it's in the pudding????

bon bon said...

ha! did you watch the video?! now you know the secret to a moist cake!

Uncivil said...

Yes, I watched it. It's a shame I don't cook. Heck....I hardly even do the manly cooking on the grill.
I mean why should I, when I can afford to go out and eat and be waited on hand and foot?

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