04 October 2009

prepare for take off

prepare for take off

I made the mistake of asking a flickrite if he actually shot the images in his photostream. That's all. I didn't mean any harm, but he got his undies in a bunch, banned my comments, and left a nasty comment on one of my photos he had said he liked just hours before. Things got ugly. His work is not awful. It's simply over the top. My images are more SOTC, where his are a combination of several images, not all of them with comparable lighting. There are MANY photographers out there who feel that because they've got a handle on the pen tool in Photoshop, they can attempt to make compositions. Or that it's ok to just flop those birds and bring the opacity down so they will reflect in the water below. A simple lesson in perspective shows his work is not physically possible. Luckily for him, 95% of the population never took a perspective class so they absolutely LOVE his stuff! He hasn't even discovered the ripple or wave filters yet. It's just sad.

Ok so, I'm all self-righteous about imaging software. I've worked in Photoshop for over fifteen years now. I've taught and trained others in it. But I admit, I need to hold my tongue. He was doing fine in his little make-believe world and doesn't want to hear it can't exist. I should've just allowed him this fantasy. He is making seeing-impaired people happy.

My apologies.


Sam said...

I am sometimes tempted to but photography magasines, but I always flick through them and think that they look more like paintings than photographs.

I get around this issue by not owning photoshop. though granted I do use iPhoto to change some of my pictures that are a bit rubbish (as you may notice). But usually they are changed so much that it is blatantly obvious.

Sam said...

'buy', not 'but'.

I stand by the proper English spelling of 'magasine' though.

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