23 October 2009

avett brothers



Hi. I'm back to the land of the living. Or in this case, the land of sitting in front of a glowing screen. Our accountant worked his magic for four days, so we probably qualify as a legal business by government standards now. If not, we just blew $700+. Oh well.

Meanwhile, I went to a Avett Brothers concert! (yay!) But no photos were allowed inside. (boo!) I did however, get shots of them outside by their bus! (yay!) Although, it was pretty dark which made them difficult to capture. (boo!) Even so...(yay!)

Special shout-out to the adorable drunk girl who spoke to me of cabbage, cloud cult, and cooking. Seriously, you were more entertaining than the opening act! Next time I see you, I promise to drink too so our conversation can have even less direction than it did that night. ;o)


Uncivil said...

I had to google them. Who'd a thunk it? They're from my home state and I've never heard fo them before?

bon bon said...

did you listen to anything? what'd you think...worthy of keeping them? ;o)

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