01 September 2009

there's no coming down

there's no coming down

A couple of our favorite stops when on Chicago's north-west side are Rotofugi and Quimby's. Rotofugi was between shows unfortunately, but there are always toys and art prints to drool over or harshly judge.

Quimby's (about two blocks from this bike shop shot) is a bookstore specializing in graphic novels, art books, DIY mags, gay publications, porn, etc. I'm not talking Hustler. I mean, maybe they do have Hustler but it wasn't on my "to buy" list. That day anyway. *snort* Their porn is more along the lines of what Taschen publishes. Which is to say, they carry Taschen books.

Considering we hit the Bucktown Arts Fest that morning then spent time in Tony Fitzpatrick's studio, our left brains were chuck-full of artistic imagery. I think I saw some pigment ooze from Glenn ear.

No wait. It seems he just ate his Indian food a bit sloppily.

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Uncivil said...

Even Pee-wee Herman would lust over that bike?

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