12 September 2009

the recital has been postponed

the recital has been postponed

Yesterday I woke up fairly early to a dense fog. We live on the edge of a small town surrounded by farm land so I thought I'd head down towards the lowland to if anything interesting caught my eye.

Um, yes. Something did.

A few more pix, here.

If any of you are heading into this small town today, you may find parking at a minimum. Chilimania is under way. Something we normally leave town for. This year however marks the very first Edge Con, which appears to have some professional, comic illustrator involvement. Wha?? I know! My husband being one of them. Although, he would state professional is too strong a word as he doesn't make a living out of drawing. He's promoting Duck Soup Signs & Design and has put his own illustrations on all the canvas, banner, and decal samples, so there's some cross promotion going on.

You should go down and buy something. We're a one income family after all. Have pity.


Uncivil said...

Hmmmm.....very interesting find. I would have gotten the model and serial number and tried to google up some history on it? LOL



One could only imagine a menagerie of talented characters at her keyboard?

word verification "abroisms"????

bon bon said...

pretty funny, i never even made the schroeder/peanuts connection!

the piano was gone the next day, btw.

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