10 September 2009



Ok, I "plummed up" the sky. This cannot actually be found in nature. I don't think. The sky did have a muddy gray-purplish hue though, so I just upped the ante. This was taken at Tenney Park in Madison which has tennis courts along the locks. Which were lit this night. And I was smart enough to have had my tripod with me.

I aspire to the amazing abilities of Lost America.

So, yesterday the hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Woohoo!! No.14! I know, impressive! (...that someone could put up with me that long. He's a gentle soul.) Were he not so busy (he's still at work now after 8pm, being there since 6am) he'd have probably taken the whole day off, but as it were he gave me from noon on. We filled the gas tank and took in the sights of about six counties. We have some beautiful glacial-carved regions in southern Wisconsin. Sometimes you need to go out and remind yourself it's there. The sumac is turning red, and a few maples are showing some color at the tips, but nothing drastic yet. There will be photos to follow. You should know by now I can't take a casual, scenic drive without documentation.


Jeff said...

14 years? Phfft... kids.

Naw, just kidding. Great picture (even if it was "plummed up" and happy anniversary to you both!

bon bon said...

thanks jeff!
my parents celebrated no.52, three days prior, so an extra "happy" goes out to them!

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