04 September 2009

looking NE

looking NE

You probably couldn't have special ordered a more perfect day in Madison for Ride the Drive. We did not take our bikes however, as I was feeling guilty about seeing tons of dogs in Chicago the day before knowing my pugs were lying around the house. I know, they could care less because sleep is after all, their favorite past time. But we'd been taking them to the dog park on Sundays so this was their outing for the week.

I do have a bone to pick however (RANT ALERT) with all the "concerned citizens" who felt the need to inform me that my dogs: a)"looked hot." b)"could use some water." c)"are on the chubby side." d)"need some shade." If you must know they receive water and shade right after their nightly beatings on their three foot chains, so don't you go and lose any sleep over them.

Here are the facts.
1. The temperature that day was 68ยบ. Pretty sweet dog-walking weather.
2. We carried water for them and pulled it out every three blocks or so. To which they only accepted half the time.
3. Dog cannot sweat and so they pant! They may appear to be over-heated but pugs especially, with their short noses, pant a LOT as their breathing is a bit more labored then say a schnauzer.
4. We pulled a red wagon for them if they needed to ride. To which Kensi had no interest and Nigel stayed for maybe two minutes at a time before wanting to walk again.
5. Yes, they are not the slimmest of pugs. However, I saw an awful lot of fat asses hanging a foot over each side of a bicycle seat. Would it be proper of me to exclaim, "my, you're a tubby one!"? No, that's simply rude. So why point it out on a dog. Nigel is on thyroid medication and has diabetes. Is it necessary for me to exclaim this to each judgmental wackjob cruising by on a bicycle? Again the answer is, no. It is more important he get a little exercise from time to time, which is what we were attempting to do.

Seeing that exercise makes you hot and lack of exercise makes you fat, I couldn't help but think of the adage: Please all and you please none.

Maybe next time you could all go with: If you haven't anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all. Unless of course, you're all for my telling you to "buy your kid the damn candy bar already" next time I see your child throwing a fit at the check out counter.

This concludes my rant. Thanks for dropping by!


Ms. Mamma said...

Amen, sista, amen.

Uncivil said...

Haha.....your rants are so much more civil than mine!!!!
They just jumped all over your little red wagon didn't they???
I had to delete my last rant!!!LOL
I have a stoller for my pups because Abigail will stop and lie down if she gets tired of walking.


bon bon said...

can i get a witness!? ;o)

hence the name, uncivil?
your girls look absolutely content! i'm sure when the pugs get older they'll be more willing. for now all the important smelly things are ground level...

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