15 September 2009

in memorandum

in front of school
I lost a great aunt this weekend. Great as in my Gramma's sister, and great as in a wonderful, kind, charming lady. I had not seen her recently, but my Gramma still talked to her weekly, and had been visiting her until earlier this summer when my aunt's daughter (who never came to visit) decided to ship her off to Florida and stick her in a home to die. I guess you could say it's a blessing she only lasted several more months. But that's not worth dwelling on right now...

Aunt Ermine (standing here, far left) was my favorite of Gramma's sisters. Not because any of the girls were less likable. I simply knew her the best as she lived thirty minutes away. The other four I only saw every year or three growing up, whereas Gramma and Grampa would drive to Granton nearly every Sunday after church to visit with her and her husband (Uncle Arnold) and Great-gramma. I remember Ermine's love of animals. She trimmed dogs as a living, though she didn't really need the money. Her own dog, Jumbo, was blind (like our Nigel) and she would keep his bangs trimmed at a length to cover his eyes. He'd walk around the house sniffing her out, indifferent to anyone else who pet him along the way.

Erm and Arnold also had a pond in their basement. An cascading waterfall that fell into a foot deep, lily pad covered, coy filled...well, pond. A permanent structure that could hardly be called a fish tank being about eight feet in diameter. Although, I wonder if my childhood memory has made it bigger than I recall.

Erm also loved to fish, as did my her "Mum" (Great gramma), my Gramma and Mom. Every now and then all the women-folk would pack up cheese sandwiches and meet up at Sherwood Park to catch some walleye or northern pike. It was more likely we'd come home with a fishing bucket filled with crappies, but the laughs alone were worth the day out. Great-gramma always had to be on top of whoever was getting the most bites that day. "Mum! You went right over my line!" Comedy would ensue.

So, I'll miss this kind-hearted gal with the deep laugh. After 93 years she is finally getting to meet up with the twin she never knew. If the lost sister is anything like the rest, they are now standing hand in hand. Not letting go.


Ms. Mamma said...

What a wonderful photo and memories to share. I'm sitting here all teary eyed for your loss. I ache for photos and memories like that for my own life. I'm sorry for your loss. She was cool looking and I like the way you described her. RIP. xo

bon bon said...

thank you for the kind words. i feel very fortunate that both of my mother's parents enjoyed photography. i scanned in tons earlier this summer, and am processing each photo as i find time.

i'm equally sorry to hear you don't have similar memories. i don't know the circumstance, but i'm sure you are making up for it through your son. xo

Uncivil said...

Gosh, what a pretty gal she was! I love to look at old black and white photos. Something about an innocence in their eyes.
Takes me back to when life was much simpler.
I had no idea Nigel was blind? How long ago did he lose his sight?
I have another blogger buddy "J" Jellyjules from "Thinking About...",and her dog Genevieve just recently went blind?
They're not sure what caused it? They are looking at several culprits such as cuchings disease and others?

I didn't mean to get off track about your great Aunt. That was a really nice tribute to her, and she was a beautiful lady.
Would love to see that Coy Fish pond in their basement?

bon bon said...

thank you! they are all so beautiful, and in all the photos i have they are smiling and embracing! they still greet and stand this way (though only three remain now). i've never known siblings to be this close.

my gramma and her twin are seated, btw. (gramma has the dimple!) unbelievably, their mother was a triplet! i'm glad that trend stopped with them. ;o)

and yes, nigel went blind last year. he has diabetes, so he needs insulin twice a day. we think he can still make out bright light though as he'll notice movement in front of a window. of course, his sense of smell is better than ever...

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