22 September 2009

apple maple pie

apple maple pie

Made apple pie and applesauce yesterday thanks to all the fruit Dad sent me home with last weekend. He said they got over 2500 apples off one tree! And they have like 12-15 trees. I'm not even sure. Most of them grow down in their woods and are meant for keeping the deer and bear fat and happy. Humans are welcome to eat them too, of course. Dad happened to receive a bear license this year, and shot one the week before I was there. He's like a giddy schoolgirl!

This pie just so happens to be nearly sugar-free! There's raw sugar sprinkled on top but I decided to experiment a little and sweetened this one with maple syrup. (More thanks to my parents and their woods-of-ever-bearing-riches.) I thought it would end up with a maple flavor but none of us could tell the difference. I always slice more then I need then cook the rest on the stove for applesauce, so this time I was sure to leave the extra syrup in with the sauce so the pie crust wouldn't get soggy. I have to say it tastes as lovely as it looks. Um...looked. By day's end it will resemble a dirty pie plate.


Uncivil said...

Some how I was reading that "Apple Mapple Pie" instead of Maple!LOL

And I have to settle for frozen appola crappola Mrs. Smith's :(

bon bon said...

come on, i'm sure you can peel an apple! and those pilsbury pie crusts you just unroll aren't half bad. you could be opening a pie stand in no time! ;o)

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