29 September 2009

suck it up

suck it up

09.09.09 was our 14th wedding anniversary. We spent it driving around this lovely state of ours. I took about 700,000 photos.

This is one of them.

27 September 2009



Pix from Monday night's show. Finally. Fishtank Ensemble and Luminescent Orchestrii.

Clicking the photo will take you to the other shots if you like.

25 September 2009

been there, done that

been there, done that

The woman running the Paoli Cheese store in Paoli (duh), said they used to put a pin in the map for each location they mailed their cheese to. At some point they said "fuck that."

I'm paraphrasing.

23 September 2009

her pugness

her pugness

Kensi. Letting me know the cat's outside water dish needs refilling.

I haven't been on flickr as much lately as I've found a new outlet. I started loading my family tree on an ancestral web site and am afraid I opened a can of worms. I wasn't prepared for the boat-load of information about to fall into my lap. I knew my relatives came from Germany, Prussia, Noway and Yugoslavia, but oh my god, there's so many of them!

Yes, I do know how that works.

I removed the link to my family tree since assholes will never cease to exist...

22 September 2009

apple maple pie

apple maple pie

Made apple pie and applesauce yesterday thanks to all the fruit Dad sent me home with last weekend. He said they got over 2500 apples off one tree! And they have like 12-15 trees. I'm not even sure. Most of them grow down in their woods and are meant for keeping the deer and bear fat and happy. Humans are welcome to eat them too, of course. Dad happened to receive a bear license this year, and shot one the week before I was there. He's like a giddy schoolgirl!

This pie just so happens to be nearly sugar-free! There's raw sugar sprinkled on top but I decided to experiment a little and sweetened this one with maple syrup. (More thanks to my parents and their woods-of-ever-bearing-riches.) I thought it would end up with a maple flavor but none of us could tell the difference. I always slice more then I need then cook the rest on the stove for applesauce, so this time I was sure to leave the extra syrup in with the sauce so the pie crust wouldn't get soggy. I have to say it tastes as lovely as it looks. Um...looked. By day's end it will resemble a dirty pie plate.

21 September 2009

bubble apparatus

bubble apparatus

Attached to a big-ass Cadillac, aka the Bubblemobile, that's been frequenting Madison events for thirty years now. By now many parents who were lifting up their children to grab a handful of foam, were once on their parent's shoulder doing the same.

Shot Sunday at the Willy Street Fair. The parade is open to anyone with the ability to dress up, dance, ride, toss candy or just smile.

18 September 2009

girls night out

girls night out

Just returned from the bustling city of Auburndale! (Insert hick joke here.) It's always good to return to your hometown to see family, even when the circumstance is a funeral. When I left, my parents weighted down my car with enough fresh fruits and vegetables to conceivably turn around and open a food stand in my front yard. Instead, there's apple pie in my immediate future. And maybe apple sauce for the freezer.

By Sunday I'll be so full of apples, you can refer to me as Snow White. (Insert dwarf joke here.)

15 September 2009

in memorandum

in front of school
I lost a great aunt this weekend. Great as in my Gramma's sister, and great as in a wonderful, kind, charming lady. I had not seen her recently, but my Gramma still talked to her weekly, and had been visiting her until earlier this summer when my aunt's daughter (who never came to visit) decided to ship her off to Florida and stick her in a home to die. I guess you could say it's a blessing she only lasted several more months. But that's not worth dwelling on right now...

Aunt Ermine (standing here, far left) was my favorite of Gramma's sisters. Not because any of the girls were less likable. I simply knew her the best as she lived thirty minutes away. The other four I only saw every year or three growing up, whereas Gramma and Grampa would drive to Granton nearly every Sunday after church to visit with her and her husband (Uncle Arnold) and Great-gramma. I remember Ermine's love of animals. She trimmed dogs as a living, though she didn't really need the money. Her own dog, Jumbo, was blind (like our Nigel) and she would keep his bangs trimmed at a length to cover his eyes. He'd walk around the house sniffing her out, indifferent to anyone else who pet him along the way.

Erm and Arnold also had a pond in their basement. An cascading waterfall that fell into a foot deep, lily pad covered, coy filled...well, pond. A permanent structure that could hardly be called a fish tank being about eight feet in diameter. Although, I wonder if my childhood memory has made it bigger than I recall.

Erm also loved to fish, as did my her "Mum" (Great gramma), my Gramma and Mom. Every now and then all the women-folk would pack up cheese sandwiches and meet up at Sherwood Park to catch some walleye or northern pike. It was more likely we'd come home with a fishing bucket filled with crappies, but the laughs alone were worth the day out. Great-gramma always had to be on top of whoever was getting the most bites that day. "Mum! You went right over my line!" Comedy would ensue.

So, I'll miss this kind-hearted gal with the deep laugh. After 93 years she is finally getting to meet up with the twin she never knew. If the lost sister is anything like the rest, they are now standing hand in hand. Not letting go.

14 September 2009

autumn is under way

autumn is under way

Taken right across the road from the piano photos. I potato-chopped this one a little though.

A shout out to everyone who came by my husband's booth at Edge Con on Saturday! We appreciate your support, love and money. In that order. I can't believe the talent that made their way to our little shithole town! Like Art Baltazar and Mike Hoffman, both of which we received signed pieces from. Art told me that Glenn was his favorite artist there! High praise!

Way to go, baby...

12 September 2009

the recital has been postponed

the recital has been postponed

Yesterday I woke up fairly early to a dense fog. We live on the edge of a small town surrounded by farm land so I thought I'd head down towards the lowland to if anything interesting caught my eye.

Um, yes. Something did.

A few more pix, here.

If any of you are heading into this small town today, you may find parking at a minimum. Chilimania is under way. Something we normally leave town for. This year however marks the very first Edge Con, which appears to have some professional, comic illustrator involvement. Wha?? I know! My husband being one of them. Although, he would state professional is too strong a word as he doesn't make a living out of drawing. He's promoting Duck Soup Signs & Design and has put his own illustrations on all the canvas, banner, and decal samples, so there's some cross promotion going on.

You should go down and buy something. We're a one income family after all. Have pity.

10 September 2009



Ok, I "plummed up" the sky. This cannot actually be found in nature. I don't think. The sky did have a muddy gray-purplish hue though, so I just upped the ante. This was taken at Tenney Park in Madison which has tennis courts along the locks. Which were lit this night. And I was smart enough to have had my tripod with me.

I aspire to the amazing abilities of Lost America.

So, yesterday the hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Woohoo!! No.14! I know, impressive! (...that someone could put up with me that long. He's a gentle soul.) Were he not so busy (he's still at work now after 8pm, being there since 6am) he'd have probably taken the whole day off, but as it were he gave me from noon on. We filled the gas tank and took in the sights of about six counties. We have some beautiful glacial-carved regions in southern Wisconsin. Sometimes you need to go out and remind yourself it's there. The sumac is turning red, and a few maples are showing some color at the tips, but nothing drastic yet. There will be photos to follow. You should know by now I can't take a casual, scenic drive without documentation.

08 September 2009


They said who this gal was at the show Friday night, but her name wasn't listed in the program. If anyone reading this knows, please leave a comment or click the image to take you to flickr and you can add it to the tags. Thanks. :o)

A link to all images taken that night can be found here: Hot Mess 2

...also the 2008 show: Hot Mess

05 September 2009

those poor suffering animals that have things so terrible they'd be better off if they were just put down...

those poor suffering animals that have things so terrible they'd be better off if they were just put down...

Sorry. That might be an exaggeration to anything I actually heard. Just taking creative license.

I should expand on yesterday's post to say there were plenty of friendly folks who stopped the pugs to say hi and pat their little heads. Not everyone in Madison thinks they know your dogs better than you do. Your snap judgment leads my my snap judgment of thinking you're an asshole, and really, that's how wars are started. Friends?

If you're a dog owner looking for places to take your dog, check out dogfriendly.com. Can't compare to say, living in Europe where dogs are as socially accepted as grandma, but hey, we're still trying to iron out the whole health care thing, so don't hold your breath waiting for the day Rover can go into the library with you, America.

04 September 2009

looking NE

looking NE

You probably couldn't have special ordered a more perfect day in Madison for Ride the Drive. We did not take our bikes however, as I was feeling guilty about seeing tons of dogs in Chicago the day before knowing my pugs were lying around the house. I know, they could care less because sleep is after all, their favorite past time. But we'd been taking them to the dog park on Sundays so this was their outing for the week.

I do have a bone to pick however (RANT ALERT) with all the "concerned citizens" who felt the need to inform me that my dogs: a)"looked hot." b)"could use some water." c)"are on the chubby side." d)"need some shade." If you must know they receive water and shade right after their nightly beatings on their three foot chains, so don't you go and lose any sleep over them.

Here are the facts.
1. The temperature that day was 68ยบ. Pretty sweet dog-walking weather.
2. We carried water for them and pulled it out every three blocks or so. To which they only accepted half the time.
3. Dog cannot sweat and so they pant! They may appear to be over-heated but pugs especially, with their short noses, pant a LOT as their breathing is a bit more labored then say a schnauzer.
4. We pulled a red wagon for them if they needed to ride. To which Kensi had no interest and Nigel stayed for maybe two minutes at a time before wanting to walk again.
5. Yes, they are not the slimmest of pugs. However, I saw an awful lot of fat asses hanging a foot over each side of a bicycle seat. Would it be proper of me to exclaim, "my, you're a tubby one!"? No, that's simply rude. So why point it out on a dog. Nigel is on thyroid medication and has diabetes. Is it necessary for me to exclaim this to each judgmental wackjob cruising by on a bicycle? Again the answer is, no. It is more important he get a little exercise from time to time, which is what we were attempting to do.

Seeing that exercise makes you hot and lack of exercise makes you fat, I couldn't help but think of the adage: Please all and you please none.

Maybe next time you could all go with: If you haven't anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all. Unless of course, you're all for my telling you to "buy your kid the damn candy bar already" next time I see your child throwing a fit at the check out counter.

This concludes my rant. Thanks for dropping by!

03 September 2009

g'night bucktown!

g'night bucktown!

heading home. waiting for the
metra at clybourn.
the days ends as it began.

01 September 2009

there's no coming down

there's no coming down

A couple of our favorite stops when on Chicago's north-west side are Rotofugi and Quimby's. Rotofugi was between shows unfortunately, but there are always toys and art prints to drool over or harshly judge.

Quimby's (about two blocks from this bike shop shot) is a bookstore specializing in graphic novels, art books, DIY mags, gay publications, porn, etc. I'm not talking Hustler. I mean, maybe they do have Hustler but it wasn't on my "to buy" list. That day anyway. *snort* Their porn is more along the lines of what Taschen publishes. Which is to say, they carry Taschen books.

Considering we hit the Bucktown Arts Fest that morning then spent time in Tony Fitzpatrick's studio, our left brains were chuck-full of artistic imagery. I think I saw some pigment ooze from Glenn ear.

No wait. It seems he just ate his Indian food a bit sloppily.

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