26 August 2009

where i end and you begin

where i end and you begin

This is the last of the rustic road shots I took Sunday.

If you're curious about the tobacco field? Yes, south-central Wisconsin has an abundance of them. I believe they grow more chewing tobacco here than that for cigarettes. I'm not really one to ask though. I was just as surprised as anyone when I first moved to this area years ago. Edgerton has a historic marker on the edge of town proudly displaying it's efforts of promoting mouth cancer. Actually, it's trying to put that behind and has thus, changed the name of their annual celebration from "tobacco days" to "heritage days". If your heritage IS tobacco though, it seems a little difficult to skirt.

I'm told the tobacco spitting contest has been changed to watermelon seed spitting.

And just like that, a new heritage is born.


Uncivil said...

My grandfather on my mother's side grew a many an acre of tobacco in his day.
I have fond memories of the summers spent on the farm as a small child.
I can remember an old black lady who kept spitting as she was tying up tobacco sticks under grandads pack house?
I noticed right away that her spit was black? So, I spit and mine didn't look like hers???? Just figured black folks had black spit?
How the heck was I to know about chewing tobacco at that age?

bon bon said...

ha!! seems perfectly logical to me!

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