12 August 2009

true blue

true blue

Our Canon 50D has arrived! Yippeeeee!! Still need some practice, as you can see, but here's my first attempt anyway. Hazzah!

Now I just have to clear all our compact flash cards so I can get more shooting in. This camera shoots raw images of 43mb! Holy crap! Although looking at them in Bridge, the thumbs are smaller than the Rebel's image sizes, so they must automatically compress. Also the Photoshop preview window doesn't open. Which is fine by me. I like a little more control fine tuning things.

I've still got a shitload of Rebel pix to backup, so you haven't seen the last chapter in that book yet. Not the most suspenseful read, I know. Feel free to consider my photos as cheap romance paperbacks.

"That's stupid. What else you got?"

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