31 August 2009

tonka tower

tonka tower

Not really the type of setting you'd picture outside a place called Sweet Cakes Bakery, but then they aren't asking you to lick the sculpture. We didn't eat there, but after viewing their website, I'm wondering why the hell not. Their patio was this dark and surreal space full of unique sculptures like this one, and void of people which made me think they weren't even open. I felt a bit like I was trespassing even though it was a public place with it's door open. I don't know why I'm so shy about being seen behind the camera. You may have noticed my photostream sorely lacks portraits. I'm perfectly fine if someone asks me to take their photo, but a total dork when it comes to asking if I can.

Perfect example of a missed opportunity?

The most amazing part of our day was meeting Tony Fitzpatrick. We had absolutely no idea when we spied through his open door we were about to be invited into the art studio of a local icon. He asked where we were from (noting our lack of Chicago accents), which lead to our explaining what we were doing in Bucktown. "It's the weekend of the art fair? I wasn't invited." We were admiring his amazing work hanging on the walls and reached the back of the room where two people were busy cutting out selected work for his collages. Um, assistants? My first clue this was no dog and pony show. One assistant then showed us a few pieces in flat files and the book showing the piece purchased by MoMA. Clue number two.

Honestly though, Tony was terribly hospitable to a couple of no bodies, describing his techniques, shooting the shit about other artists, and somehow arriving upon our equal admiration of Anthony Bourdain. He mentioned he had an upcoming show in New Orleans this fall. We said we'd be there in October and he handed us an invitation. (We won't be there for the opening, unfortunately.) He then personally autographed a book of his etchings for us.

And there I stood, with my camera around my neck, too shy to ask for a photograph. Pitiful.

Meanwhile, here's a tower of Tonka trunks. Not so fucking impressive now, is it?

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