24 August 2009

sunday morning rushless hour

sunday morning rushless hour

Last week, I started a flickr group called Wisconsin Rustic Roads. I thought there were no groups left to create but considering there are a few Wisconsinites that aren't even aware of this unique state feature of ours, I shouldn't be surprised a group didn't exist.

I always thought it'd be cool to try to photograph all of them. Quite an undertaking since there are over one hundred now. Maybe in my retirement. There are several photography books out there already on the subject but they're already out of date. Glenn and I have some film shots from years back too, but a quick scan of our photo albums simply forced me to lose an hour's time that I could've been out there shooting! So, Sunday morning, that's what I did. We took a leisure drive on road #68 about eight miles from our house. Weather was about 60ยบ. Absolutely gorgeous. We were wishing we'd have brought our bikes instead, but the road is six miles long and I didn't want to lose the morning light either. We'll pick a shorter route for our next excursion.

Meanwhile, I'll got about half a dozen more shots picked out I need to process. Although, I'm afraid I've still got shots from June I haven't gotten around to. But that's what those long Wisconsin winter evenings are for, right?

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