27 August 2009

mango salsa

mango salsa

This is just about our favorite summer food. I make it every few weeks all summer long. It lasts about three or four days here, and it's actually even better the next day when the flavors have a little time to meld. But honestly, who can wait? I'd simply eat it with a spoon if that were socially acceptable. I never drink from the milk carton either, if you believe those lies.

Here' s the recipe. Enjoy!

• 5 oz. (half a jar) pepper jelly
• juice of one lime
—Pulse those together in a food processor, then add in any order:
• one red pepper
• half a red onion (or more if you like onion)
• one jalapeno, finely diced (it's best to chop by hand so you don't bite into a big chunk)
• two ripe mangoes
• fistful of cilantro (again to your taste)
—I like to add the second mango after other ingredients are processed a bit, as you DO want to bite into a big chunk of mango! Yum!!
• salt and pepper (ditto...)

Ta da! Excellent on grilled fish, chicken, steak, chips, etc. Best stuff you'll ever eat! I guarantee it. Unless your name is Luke and you hate cilantro. Then I can do nothing for you.

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