07 August 2009

all my boys like trabampoleens!

all my boys like trabampoleens!

Taken last weekend in my folk's yard. Luke getting a free ride while Cub provides momentum.

Check out Nigel's wide stance. He actually likes you to bounce him using your hands. Better get that tongue in your mouth so you don't bite it off, little man!


jMo said...

great tongue action going on and looks like much fun.
do you know where I cud get a CowParade map? can't find any info about where they are now and just did a post on ched curtain about our parade cows.

bon bon said...

boy, you got me. maybe they don't want the info out there as to avoid those cows from ever converging again. could spell trouble.

Jeanna said...

I see them here and there, but some might be knock offs. False idols as it were.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for stopping by with the Will Rogers quote. I've felt that way all my life.
I did a word search on your blog for "Nigel" and was just in awe of Nigel's and Kinsington's beautiful photographs!
What a pair!
They've given an old man many smiles today!
Thanks again!
Will be back in search of more of their pics soon!

bon bon said...

much thanks! i dropped by your blog via jeanna here. she seems to have good taste, so...


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