03 August 2009

70 years ago this summer...

70 years ago this summer...

We headed up to central Wisconsin this weekend to visit with my Gramma who turned 87. She already had two types of cake served when we walked in the door as people had been coming and going throughout the day. She uses a walker to get around because her knees have been replaced, but I hope to God my mind it as sharp at that age. She can beat pretty much anyone in a game of Scrabble, and gets all the one-liners that tend to fly when my family gets together. Always a smile on her face and simply a joy to be around!

We brought her this canvas print of her and Grampa, and half a dozen gladiolas, to which she aclaimed "my favorite!" I grew up right next door (across the garden actually) and I remember her always having three or four rows of glads growing. When we gave her the print, she shared how they didn't have an official photo taken. This is just a snapshot a relative got. In the original you can see that they are in motion, arms reaching behind each other to embrace. She also said that her parents' house had burned down just two weeks before the wedding and she lost her dress and hope chest in the fire. Something I had never heard before.

I'm sure that Gramma was a glass-half-full type of gal even then.

Happy birthday Gramma. We love you!

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