20 July 2009

forward looking backward

forward looking backward

Finally, a post! I know the three of you have been worried sick thinking I may be dead or suffering a combination of lyme's disease and swine flu, but fear not! I am merely preoccupied with summer!

Saturday we headed into Madison to meet with our friend Wally for the day as Nancy and the wee-ones were visiting her family in Indiana. (We didn't allow him to get too drunk, Nancy.) It was at Wally's request that we see the Lincoln exhibit at the state historical museum. Some what disappointing in that it was minimal, and everything was a reproduction. "Ow look, it's Lincoln's bloody gloves. Nope, those are just OJ's."

This image was taken from the fourth floor of the museum where they have an exhibit called Odd Wisconsin, and strangely enough has more real Lincoln artifacts then the display downstairs. I took a photo of some thousand year old toast too, which I'd share but feel it may be too exciting an image to share online.

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