14 July 2009

the dude abides

the dude abides

Friday night we attended the very first Fish Fry & A Flick in Milwaukee. The organizers were unprepared for the turnout because it was an hour wait to stand in line for fish that they ran out of twenty minutes prior. That's what they get for posting on Facebook. But, they were serving other items too, and we arrived early enough so that we didn't miss any of the movie. A double feature actually. The Big Lebowski, and Kingpin which we didn't stay for. Milwaukee is over an hour's drive for us, and we needed to get up the next morning to attend Art Fair on the Square in Madison. An equally high cultured, Wisconsin, summer event. Perfect weather for both outings!

Today, we're enhancing our immediate cultural surroundings by having a dvr installed. Hello, twenty-first century. Welcome to our home! That's right, we will no longer be a party to seeing-shows-as-the-network-meant-for-them-to-seen or waiting-through-the-next-commercial.

While ironically watching a documentary on the Amish.


Jeanna said...

Watching a doco on the Amish on a DVR is pretty funny.
I was at the Art Fair and always blown away by some of the pieces and some of the prices. Putting up those photos slowly, but surely on the new blog, chedcurtain.com
Which leads me to, you still wanna do a blog entry for the new blog? It's just a pup, but getting it together.
Also, do you know where artists that can't afford the AFOTS space can sell their work?

bon bon said...

hi jeanna,
i'd love to do a blog entry on chedcurtain.com. you're welcome to give me a deadline 'cuz as you can see i keep my own updated pretty sporadically. ;o)

as for the artist question, i know that OFF the square is about half the price of ON, but there are still cheaper fairs. only you need to do a bit of research to see if your work fits in. visit the ones you still can this summer. you can approach local stores like absolutely art on atwood too.

but these days, i think the best place to start is setting up an etsy shop! no money down, and no sitting around waiting for a sale!

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