31 July 2009

teenie weenie penguins

teenie weenie penguins

Were you aware the world's smallest penguins top out at a mere inch and a half? It's a fact! It's also true the moon is made of cheese, and three out of four dentists agree with anything at any given time.

Sure they do.

24 July 2009

the windy city, wet

the windy city, wet

I'm unhappy with most of the pix I took at Shedd Aquarium yesterday. Even so, I can't complain because it was a day spent at Shedd Aquarium! The irony is, if I were employed right now, I wouldn't have the time to enjoy such leisurely activities, but seeing I am not, spending money on them is not the wisest of choices either. A job would probably mean I'd already have a properly working camera by now. BUT I wouldn't have had a day to lallygag in Chicago taking pictures! Such a dilemma.

This image is obviously a composition of two. The shark tank and the Chicago skyline taken just outside the aquarium. I'll post a few more boring shots to flickr as I process them, but I was compelled to do some potato-chopping when I saw these two next to each other.

It's not like I've got a job to rush off to.

23 July 2009

serial lady killer

serial lady killer (b/w)

Just to say, the Old 97's concert could have only been made better if they had played somewhere other than the Barrymore, because when you hire friends to work for you, they are really only there for the free music or beer and don't actually preform well as hired security, so other than all the typical douchebaggery they allowed, and one holier-than-thou wack-job I'll simply refer to as "Neidermeyer"? Awesome show!!

20 July 2009

forward looking backward

forward looking backward

Finally, a post! I know the three of you have been worried sick thinking I may be dead or suffering a combination of lyme's disease and swine flu, but fear not! I am merely preoccupied with summer!

Saturday we headed into Madison to meet with our friend Wally for the day as Nancy and the wee-ones were visiting her family in Indiana. (We didn't allow him to get too drunk, Nancy.) It was at Wally's request that we see the Lincoln exhibit at the state historical museum. Some what disappointing in that it was minimal, and everything was a reproduction. "Ow look, it's Lincoln's bloody gloves. Nope, those are just OJ's."

This image was taken from the fourth floor of the museum where they have an exhibit called Odd Wisconsin, and strangely enough has more real Lincoln artifacts then the display downstairs. I took a photo of some thousand year old toast too, which I'd share but feel it may be too exciting an image to share online.

14 July 2009

the dude abides

the dude abides

Friday night we attended the very first Fish Fry & A Flick in Milwaukee. The organizers were unprepared for the turnout because it was an hour wait to stand in line for fish that they ran out of twenty minutes prior. That's what they get for posting on Facebook. But, they were serving other items too, and we arrived early enough so that we didn't miss any of the movie. A double feature actually. The Big Lebowski, and Kingpin which we didn't stay for. Milwaukee is over an hour's drive for us, and we needed to get up the next morning to attend Art Fair on the Square in Madison. An equally high cultured, Wisconsin, summer event. Perfect weather for both outings!

Today, we're enhancing our immediate cultural surroundings by having a dvr installed. Hello, twenty-first century. Welcome to our home! That's right, we will no longer be a party to seeing-shows-as-the-network-meant-for-them-to-seen or waiting-through-the-next-commercial.

While ironically watching a documentary on the Amish.

03 July 2009

foot stompin'

foot stompin'

Delilah DeWylde and the Lost Boys playing at the Crystal Corner. Video yet to process. Which could be crap, so don't hold your breathe on that one.

View the whole set here, and their myspace page for some music samples.

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