07 June 2009

bullet deflectors ready

bullet deflectors ready

Olive's powers are
beyond those of the average
woman. No wonder.

To be more specific, Olive took part in Madison's Art Bike Rally yesterday. She didn't win but they were suppose to be voting for how decorative you made your bike, and I'm sure in her case, the judges somehow managed to look right past hers.

Cows on the Concourse also took place yesterday in case you were confused about yesterday post. An annual event reminding everyone that June is Dairy month! Lots of milk, cheese and ice cream samples on the square. Check my flickr page for the "wheel of grilled cheese sandwiches". I challenge you to find that in California.

Today we headed back into Madison to see "UP". Which my two thumbs are up for! I'm sure I'm the first to critique this movie in such a manner. Stand aside, Gene Shalit!


Jeanna said...

I keep missing all these great events. Did you go to the Marquette Fest today by the river?

bon bon said...

i missed that one, jeanna. i had read about an edith piaf-esk woman performing there friday evening i wouldn't liked to catch, but i simply had too many irons in the fire this weekend.

did you make it there at all? faves?

next weekend is the milwaukee lakefront art fest, if you're interested! that's where i'll be. ;o)

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