22 June 2009

frog invasion '09

We got some heavy rains Thursday and Friday, which produces a heavy frog population in our back yard as they all come up from the woods looking for higher ground. Unfortunately, once they reach the house, they also reach the two window wells on the patio, of which there is no escape. Since Cub sleeps in the basement, he's the first to hear them tap, tap, tapping at his chamber...um, window. Last week, we removed a little black mole scurrying around in there, and a year ago one captured a baby opossum! No, wait, he was in our recycling bin. Either way, I'm thinking we may need to open up a little outdoor cafe and grill up dis whole mess a critters right dare on the patio! Boy howdy!

Every meal will come with a side of Sun Chips.


Jeff said...

Ok, I'm sorry but that bag'o'frogs is kinda creepy... and even a little gross. And if I lived in the room with that window well I'd probably move out.

bon bon said...

no argument from me there. luckily, this is a rare occurrence, like 6" of rain in 24 hours. typically, there's maybe one in there per week. (i'm looking for covers to fit, but they're oblong. we may need to make something.)

frogs may be too subtle a way of getting your twenty-something out of your basement. i may need to refer to other biblical techniques.

amy said...

mmmm, froggy sun chips.

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