14 May 2009

if there is no hot & spicy cheese bread in heaven, i'm not so sure it's that special.

if there is no hot spicy cheese bread in heaven, i'm not so sure it's that special.

We finally made it to the farmer's market this weekend. Not a huge abundance of fruits and veggies yet, but lots for spring planting! I bought tomato and pepper plants, and got them in the ground Tuesday. I should see fruit by Sunday. Ok, maybe I'm a little antsy. The market also had plenty of morel mushrooms too, which tells me Terri and I should try hitting Joel's woods again. Not that we had any luck last year, but any day outdoor with friends is better than shooting fish in a barrel! I think that's how the phrase goes.

This shot is of Stella's famous hot & spicy cheese bread. By the looks of their website , it must be their big ticket item. "Home of the Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread!" sort of gives you that impression, anyway. I took this shot without looking through the viewfinder and got lucky with the focus. And this is the actual loaf we bought and ate! Isn't that thrilling? Makes you all goose-pimply, doesn't it? I'd be excited still if we hadn't eaten all of it already. Damn your hot, cheesy goodness, Stella.


tlc said...

Oh yeah. Morel hunting time would be a lot of fun right now!

bon bon said...

you wrote this from work, didn't you...

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