29 May 2009

nose picker

nose picker

The monkey has been sold. Please, no more inquiries. Thank you.

26 May 2009

smokey seafood goodness

smokey seafood goodness

Paella on the grill deemed a success! Unfortunately, we don't own a pan big enough for such a monster-sized recipe so we had to cut back a little on all the amounts. I forewent the clams and mussels (as this was a midwest endeavor), adding scallops instead, and cutting the shrimp and lobster by half. It still managed to feed seven of us, but we supplemented it with salad and the goodies that Weetatertot brought along. She's graciously sharing her recipe for Lemon Ricotta Tart at her blog! Woo hoo!! Keife and Lindsay rounded out the meal with a big batch of sangria! Bellies were happy.

Glenn took this shot as I was staying busy bouncing from kitchen to grill. There's a lot of "cook 6 minutes, then add..." in paella. Hamburgers are definitely easier. We'll go that route the 4th of July. And probably 3-4 times until then. It is officially grilling season, you know.

25 May 2009

good & plenty...

good & plenty...

Once the underpants came off, Ms. LaRue's actions got a bit too quick for my shutter to handle!

22 May 2009

ms. rhodes's new tat

ms. rhodes's new tat

We attended IXFF Second Coming Erotic Film Festival earlier this week, put on by Good Vibrations out of San Fransisco. Local burlesque troupe, Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies performed before and after the films. I'll go through the photos I took next week as I'm off to Chicago for the weekend. Although I have a strong feeling this shot of Moxie Rhodes taken after the show out in front of the theatre will the clear winner of the evening.

20 May 2009

the oriental

the oriental

The Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee.

Another shot from a few months back. Just thought it complimented the last post.

19 May 2009

syttende mai sky

syttende mai sky

Not really. I had this same view during the Syttende Mai celebrations in Stoughton this weekend, but I knew this photo I'd taken two months ago had a bluer sky. This was shot from the front door of our business, Duck Soup Signs & Design. Some day I'll have a web site to offer you. I did get the business cards done last week, so I'm not a complete slacker. But you realize how gorgeous the weather is right now, don't you? All my efforts these days are going into beautifying the backyard. Until Glenn puts the thumb screws to me and sends me a logo to draw or something...argh, these five hour work weeks are killing me!


14 May 2009

if there is no hot & spicy cheese bread in heaven, i'm not so sure it's that special.

if there is no hot spicy cheese bread in heaven, i'm not so sure it's that special.

We finally made it to the farmer's market this weekend. Not a huge abundance of fruits and veggies yet, but lots for spring planting! I bought tomato and pepper plants, and got them in the ground Tuesday. I should see fruit by Sunday. Ok, maybe I'm a little antsy. The market also had plenty of morel mushrooms too, which tells me Terri and I should try hitting Joel's woods again. Not that we had any luck last year, but any day outdoor with friends is better than shooting fish in a barrel! I think that's how the phrase goes.

This shot is of Stella's famous hot & spicy cheese bread. By the looks of their website , it must be their big ticket item. "Home of the Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread!" sort of gives you that impression, anyway. I took this shot without looking through the viewfinder and got lucky with the focus. And this is the actual loaf we bought and ate! Isn't that thrilling? Makes you all goose-pimply, doesn't it? I'd be excited still if we hadn't eaten all of it already. Damn your hot, cheesy goodness, Stella.

12 May 2009

at olives...

at olives...

Olive's wishing tree was in full bloom this weekend. You still may be able to leave a wish here if you can't make it to her house yourself.

08 May 2009

...nor do i know these birds, just that they clung to the side of a steep cliff and if my husband would have seen me taking this, he'd have shit himse

nor do i know these birds, just that they clung to the side of a steep cliff and if my husband would have seen me taking this, he'd have shit himself.

Tuesday, I strolled Governor's Island, (which to paraphrase the Simpson's is actually a peninsula) just to see if it was tick season yet. It is. Although I didn't encounter any until I got home where my neighbor made the official declaration. (I tend to get off subject rather quickly, don't I?) Anyway, I photographed these birds along the cliffs of the former. Cliffs to which I was hanging off the edge of. See the whole set from that day here.

I'll let you in on a little secret. This photo was doctored. I tweak most of my photos with levels, burning, sharpening filters, etc. But this one I potato-chopped the hell out of, as it is actually three separate shots. Those birds were flying in and out of those nests, well, like they were nesting or something, so it wasn't easy getting them to pose. So, I just shot a dozen and combined my favorites.

If you should find my work satisfactory, please note that I am currently looking for employment. Thank you.

01 May 2009


magnolia #3

Every year I'm in awe of this tree in our front yard, but within just a few days the petals have fallen reminding me to not take the small things for granted.

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