14 April 2009

photo-free post

Photo-free, mainly because I didn't have the common sense to get my camera out on Easter, but Tria and Kerry (see link below) were snapping away, so I will refer you to them. Although, I am putting Kerry on the spot as she is barely unpacked yet so she doesn't have anything posted yet.

Let me back up here...Dan, Kerry and their children have been here from England visiting Greg, Deb and their children. We invited them over for lunch on Easter, to which Greg would have no part of. Actually, the Lee's had other family plans, so it was just the Hughes clan. It was lovely getting to know them, and I hope they enjoyed themselves. (Other then when Amy slid off a swing only to reopen a wound she had recently received. Ouch.) I found Dan to be rather reserved. I can't blame his British nature because he's insulted me plenty from thousands of miles away. But I'm guessing Kerry elbowed him in the car and told him to mind his p & q's before he arrived. It could also be because we didn't have Greg as a buffer, who simply knows which buttons to push on both of us. But all and all, the four of them were delightful and I hope we can meet up again someday!

The Lee's took them back to the airport yesterday so I'm sure they are back home by now. So Dan can now safely blog about how old I look from the comfort of his own sofa.


Dan said...

I am the very epitome of shyness when in groups of people i don't know very well.

Plus when in front of a keyboard I can take as long as I like to come up with pithy off the cuff remarks.

We did all have a lovely time though, and my teeth are still aching from that cheesecake.

bon bon said...

i immediately got the wrong visual interpretation when you said "when i'm in front of a keyboard..." thinking you were about to share a secret desire to be ben folds or diana krall.

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