03 April 2009

let the show begin!

let the show begin!

Not a great shot. Just sharing a slice of last night activities.

Meg Hamel, is shown here welcoming everyone to opening night at the Wisconsin Film Festival, with the viewing of 500 Days of Summer. (Which was excellent!) She offers up a few samples of other movies playing this weekend here, or you can follow her tweets. There are so many different movies to see, including documentaries, foreign and children flix, you really have no excuse not to see something. Just laying down a little guilt to those of you who don't support the arts in Madison.

No photographic evidence exists of our blowing out a tire on the beltline, minutes before arriving at the theatre.


Keeping an Eye on Ann Marie said...

I really love what you have on there! I'm a burlesque performer in Chicago and I was wondering if you ever covered that kind of content or if you would be interested in doing so.

I'd love to be apart of any kind of article of that nature. If you're interested just let me know! Hope to talk with you soon!

Red Hot Annie

bon bon said...

hi Annie!
it just so happens i love burlesque!

i see that you have a facebook link, so i'll hook up with you there...

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