07 April 2009

"i'll see you in hell, woman!"

"i'll see you in hell, woman!"

It was a great weekend for the film fest! Dreary with threats of snow, which fortunately did not come to pass. Sitting in a dark theater with hundreds of like-minded, warm-bodies individuals was the place to be! I've been checking their web site to see which film won the audience award, but it seems they haven't finished counting up the ballets yet. I'm also hoping they post the promo they ran before each film. It's of an old PSA from the 60's promoting all Wisconsin has to offer called "We Like It Here"! The crowds loved it and by the end of the weekend, everyone was singing along. Or at least trying to. If I may suggest a karaoke style, bouncing ball text next year?

While buying t-shirts at the Orpheum, (from Meg Hamel herself, no less!) at what we thought was the end of our day, we struck up a conversation with her about watching the clips shown on PBS. Glenn mentioned that if we'd have seen anything from Sita Sings the Blues in advance, we'd have made more of an effort to buy tickets. To which she said,"It's playing here, right now if you'd like to sneak in! You haven't missed much!" I think our collective jaws dropped. It was funny and visually stunning! Be sure to hit the link and watch it yourself. For free!

I'll get a shot of the shirts we bought, but until then you'll have to settle for this image of Cam. Our perpetually perturbed puss. "No Cam, they won't let you in to see a movie. Go eat the head off a chipmunk like you always do." To which he responded with the title of this post.



Jeanna said...

I miss this every year cuz I don't plan it out and when I think about going their sold out and cost more.
Does the Orpheum take the best and show them after the fest is over? Do you buy blocks of show in advance and how do you decide what to see?
Maybe next year, sigh.

bon bon said...

i don't believe they cost more if they're sold out, you just have to stand in the rush line which means you need to get there early.

there's no guarantee you'll ever see about 70% of these films in theatres. foreign and independent flix can regularly be found at sundance cinema (and orpheum too), but it's all about distribution. if there's no big backing, you may be waiting a few years before you even see them on dvd.

as for picking what we see? it's a total crap-shoot! my husband and i read about each movie separately, pick what we like, then see which ones we agreed on. if you have the time, you can find trailers and more online (like imdb.com), but that requires dedication we don't have. seeing if the film has won an award at another fest like toronto or cannes, can be a factor. i also look for "hilarious" in reviews, unless it's a quote from susan grainger. ;o)

now you're an expert! see you in line next year! ha!!

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