19 April 2009



I did not intend to make French bread from scratch this week. I usually go the easy route and throw a bunch of separately unappealing ingredients in the bread maker, and four hours later, voila! Bread! But for some reason my cookbook was open to the French bread dough recipe, and it wasn't until I had gotten to the last ingredient and read "1 egg white" that I realized I'd been tricked into kneading and baking this bread traditionally. Which was no problem since I had no where to be. It produced a lovely loaf as well, instead of the oblong block of bread we've become accustomed to having. Guess I should just stick to this recipe in the future.

Again. Where do I have to be?

Know any bakeries hiring?

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Jeff said...

Nice picture. Somehow you've managed to make an unbaked blob of dough look delicious. Now I want to make some!

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