27 April 2009

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese...etc.

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese...


Yes. Cheese with bacon. They sell a chocolate fudge cheese too, but I can't bring myself to buy any. I've tried chocolate bars with bacon which was not really my thing. Guess I can't see mixing savory and sweet. I don't eat cheddar cheese on my apple pie either.

I know there are a few non-Wisconsinites out there right now saying, "wtf, these are options?"

All these delectables come to you via the Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company in Rudolph. They do not have a web site. They don't even take credit cards! Cash or check only. This does not keep the crowds away. Every time we're there, it's like a three-ring circus. Only with cheese replacing the elephants.

I'd have taken a photo of our four bags of cheese curds, but we ate or gave away all we had already. They really need to be eaten within twelve hours. A chilled cheese curd may as well be deep fried.



Jeanna said...

I love chocolate cheese and although those are some great prices, I usually get my cheese fix from free samples at Brennan's.

bon bon said...

hmmm, with a recommendation coming from you, i may have to give chocolate cheese a try!

TexWisGirl said...

YUM! I'm so jealous! You made my Texas-ized taste buds water! Cheese curds ROCK!

Jeff said...

They look delicious... but make sure you pace yourself - lest you have a traffic jam in your colon.

bon bon said...

hi girlfriend!! i could never move to texas for just that reason. ;o)

jeff, i'll have you know, i eat equal amounts of chocolate to keep myself regular.

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