27 April 2009

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese...etc.

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese...


Yes. Cheese with bacon. They sell a chocolate fudge cheese too, but I can't bring myself to buy any. I've tried chocolate bars with bacon which was not really my thing. Guess I can't see mixing savory and sweet. I don't eat cheddar cheese on my apple pie either.

I know there are a few non-Wisconsinites out there right now saying, "wtf, these are options?"

All these delectables come to you via the Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company in Rudolph. They do not have a web site. They don't even take credit cards! Cash or check only. This does not keep the crowds away. Every time we're there, it's like a three-ring circus. Only with cheese replacing the elephants.

I'd have taken a photo of our four bags of cheese curds, but we ate or gave away all we had already. They really need to be eaten within twelve hours. A chilled cheese curd may as well be deep fried.


22 April 2009

brett & rennie

brett & rennie

The Handsome Family, live at High Noon Saloon last Friday. Got some video too with their ribald banter. They are thoroughly and lovably nuts. If I didn't know better, I'd think we were related.

19 April 2009



I did not intend to make French bread from scratch this week. I usually go the easy route and throw a bunch of separately unappealing ingredients in the bread maker, and four hours later, voila! Bread! But for some reason my cookbook was open to the French bread dough recipe, and it wasn't until I had gotten to the last ingredient and read "1 egg white" that I realized I'd been tricked into kneading and baking this bread traditionally. Which was no problem since I had no where to be. It produced a lovely loaf as well, instead of the oblong block of bread we've become accustomed to having. Guess I should just stick to this recipe in the future.

Again. Where do I have to be?

Know any bakeries hiring?

18 April 2009

16 April 2009

serving the people

serving the people #1

serving the people #2

The intent of the rust and ware on the Comet Cafe sign is to show how trendy yet homey they are. If Edgerton's city hall sign is in any way cool, it's just irony.

15 April 2009



Taken a few summers ago at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Note the Santiago Calatrava wing in the background. You can see it on this shot too. Taken with a Holgaroid. A Holga with a Polaroid back, not to be confused with a Holga on steroids.

14 April 2009

photo-free post

Photo-free, mainly because I didn't have the common sense to get my camera out on Easter, but Tria and Kerry (see link below) were snapping away, so I will refer you to them. Although, I am putting Kerry on the spot as she is barely unpacked yet so she doesn't have anything posted yet.

Let me back up here...Dan, Kerry and their children have been here from England visiting Greg, Deb and their children. We invited them over for lunch on Easter, to which Greg would have no part of. Actually, the Lee's had other family plans, so it was just the Hughes clan. It was lovely getting to know them, and I hope they enjoyed themselves. (Other then when Amy slid off a swing only to reopen a wound she had recently received. Ouch.) I found Dan to be rather reserved. I can't blame his British nature because he's insulted me plenty from thousands of miles away. But I'm guessing Kerry elbowed him in the car and told him to mind his p & q's before he arrived. It could also be because we didn't have Greg as a buffer, who simply knows which buttons to push on both of us. But all and all, the four of them were delightful and I hope we can meet up again someday!

The Lee's took them back to the airport yesterday so I'm sure they are back home by now. So Dan can now safely blog about how old I look from the comfort of his own sofa.

11 April 2009

care to guess?

care to guess?

This was taken in Madison, and I did some manipulating in potatochop. Look familiar to anyone?

09 April 2009

one yummy bunny trail

one yummy bunny trail

Remember this? I barely do. I don't know why they don't rerun this like they do the Christmas specials.

07 April 2009

"i'll see you in hell, woman!"

"i'll see you in hell, woman!"

It was a great weekend for the film fest! Dreary with threats of snow, which fortunately did not come to pass. Sitting in a dark theater with hundreds of like-minded, warm-bodies individuals was the place to be! I've been checking their web site to see which film won the audience award, but it seems they haven't finished counting up the ballets yet. I'm also hoping they post the promo they ran before each film. It's of an old PSA from the 60's promoting all Wisconsin has to offer called "We Like It Here"! The crowds loved it and by the end of the weekend, everyone was singing along. Or at least trying to. If I may suggest a karaoke style, bouncing ball text next year?

While buying t-shirts at the Orpheum, (from Meg Hamel herself, no less!) at what we thought was the end of our day, we struck up a conversation with her about watching the clips shown on PBS. Glenn mentioned that if we'd have seen anything from Sita Sings the Blues in advance, we'd have made more of an effort to buy tickets. To which she said,"It's playing here, right now if you'd like to sneak in! You haven't missed much!" I think our collective jaws dropped. It was funny and visually stunning! Be sure to hit the link and watch it yourself. For free!

I'll get a shot of the shirts we bought, but until then you'll have to settle for this image of Cam. Our perpetually perturbed puss. "No Cam, they won't let you in to see a movie. Go eat the head off a chipmunk like you always do." To which he responded with the title of this post.


03 April 2009

let the show begin!

let the show begin!

Not a great shot. Just sharing a slice of last night activities.

Meg Hamel, is shown here welcoming everyone to opening night at the Wisconsin Film Festival, with the viewing of 500 Days of Summer. (Which was excellent!) She offers up a few samples of other movies playing this weekend here, or you can follow her tweets. There are so many different movies to see, including documentaries, foreign and children flix, you really have no excuse not to see something. Just laying down a little guilt to those of you who don't support the arts in Madison.

No photographic evidence exists of our blowing out a tire on the beltline, minutes before arriving at the theatre.

01 April 2009

you've been poked

you've been poked

I spent Monday baking things that I hope will survive a trip to Afghanistan. Cub's friend, Matt is currently serving over there. I did a little research as to what other people has already successfully shipped, but nixed all their suggestions, instead going with the densest possible foods for the sake of keeping the United State Post Office in business! Our government has some debt, in case you're not in the loop. And you're welcome!

In addition to shortbread, I also made macaroons and molasses cookies, plus threw in a few bags of nuts and 4-5 magazines. But most importantly, packed it all in hot-air popped popcorn! One tip that I actually did take to heart! So, Afghanistan's environment has nothing to fear! Although, I think they have more pressing matters.

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