28 March 2009

checking his baby's oil

"checking his baby's oil"

Thursday night, we attended a Bellydance Superstars show. This is not that. This is. They did not allow photography. But that's fine because I wouldn't have been able to capture anything worth posting anyway. I was not overly impressed. Not they weren't talented, it was just a tiny bit Vegas-y, as Glenn put it.

This shot is from last night. We went to see Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials at the Harmony Bar in Madison. Generally, I am not a huge blues person, however I don't turn down many opportunities to see live music at budget prices. In Lil' Ed's case, I read an article which made him out to be quite the entertainer, so I felt I would need to judge this for myself. Upon arriving, I noticed we were one of the youngest couples there. In most cases, Glenn and I could easily be the parents to 85% of the crowd. Yes, we are extremely hip like that. *clears throat*

We stood fairly close to the stage, and when the music started the small area between us and Lil' Ed quickly filled up with couples dancing. By the end of the night, I had witnessed so many baby boomers playing grab ass, I though I was watching a two hour long Viagra commercial. Maybe blues isn't my thing after all.

But Ed and his royal court were fantastic. He was indeed a showman and superb musician! I highly recommend his show, but for your own safety, avert your eyes to the stage or drink as heavily as those surrounding you. That could've been my mistake.

See several other shots here.

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