02 February 2009

choose your weapon

choose your weapon

Still no camera, but I have plenty of photos in my arsenal. You can't get rid of me that easily! My lack of ambition to look through them is, in a small way, my gift to you. You're welcome. Took this one on some art tour, somewhere, at some time, in the a...past.

Today, I scored tickets to see Flight of the Conchords in Milwaukee, May 5! Row 6. Yeah, booooeeey! I also bought tix to see the Bellydance Superstars at the Union in March. Lots of seats left there if it's exposed flesh you be needin'. Not too sure how much flesh Bret and Jemaine expose. That's probably for the best.


James M said...

Hey, that looks just like Haven's Mom's desk!

bon bon said...

it is!
sharp eye, my man!

Jeanna said...

You're going to have to start using those brushes.

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