04 January 2009

peet illustration

peet illustration 2

Road trip to Chicago! More like train trip, but that doesn't carry as much excitement. We were suppose to go there with friends but they missed the train, and as fans of mine are aware, I do not own a cell phone. So, it was just gp and myself and we pretty spent the whole time at the Art Institute of Chicago soaking in all it's arty goodness.

Current exhibits included Cartier-Bresson photography, their newly re-opened impressionist gallery, and The Bill Peet Storybook Menagerie! To which I sneaked in a photo or two. shhhhh. I don't recall which children's book this illustration is from, let's just say, it's all good!

I was just slightly disappointed with the Cartier-Bresson exhibit as we had seen a documentary showing an impressive amount of work from all his travels, but the Institute had him sharing one room with other similar works from French photographers and illustrators. Even so, I'm not complaining. It was all wonderful and made me wish a trip back to Paris was in my near future. Back in time would be equally fantastic...along with a Leica and a 50mm.


Jeanna said...

That's a wonderful illustration.

Sam said...

I read that as 'peep' illustration for some reason. I was a little afraid to open it on my work computer (I did anyway).

bon bon said...

well, we know where your mind is at...

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