28 January 2009



While watching The Universe last night on the History channel, I was blown away by a simple comment made by one of the presenters. While showing a solar eclipse, she pointed out that only Earth has the unique view of a moon that perfectly matches the sun in size from it's perspective. My first thought was, man, someone did way too much math figuring THAT one out, immediately followed by, wait, why has this unbelievable fact never occurred to me before? Granted, I'm not some space nerd who follows what NASA is up to, but this is simply a matter of looking up! The moon is a perfect fit over the sun! What are the odds? Think about it.

Think, damn you!


Dan said...

I can't think damnit, it hurts too much.

Jeanna said...

I did not know that. Great photo. Hope you get out today (Saturday), it's gorgeous.
Go Steelers.

Jeff said...

Don't make me think about astronomical stuff, it makes my brain splode. I can't fathom the concept of space, time and infinity so I try to focus on much simpler things. Like for instance... your beautiful picture!

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