09 January 2009

just silver

just silver

I elected to take a snow day today (reasons are completely legitimate, if you're wondering) to process some pix and banish our holiday wares to the attic for the next 10.5 months. approx.

I love fresh snow, as long as I don't have to go anywhere, but Cupcake's birthday party is tonight and Charlie "Storm-tino" is threatening of a winter weather advisory until 6am tomorrow. He's a bastard like that. But the weekend has arrived and snowdrifts be damned!

Note: If you happen to see a Scion tc in the ditch on I-90 tonight, please call the proper authorities. Thank you.


Jeanna said...

Poor Charlie (he looks like my cousin Tony). Well I'm about to brave the weather, maybe I'll take a snow day myself and make comfort food all day.
Love the photo.
Will keep an eye out for your Scion.

bon bon said...

i think you meant, poor cousin tony!


Jeanna said...

Haha. My cousin Tony is loaded, man. Roads weren't so bad. But the drivers! Lots of ice on the walkways under all the snow.
Here comes some more.

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