31 July 2008

hooray for husbands...not monkeys

OMG! You'll never guess where I found my glasses! On top of my head!! YES! They've been there this whole time! For FOUR DAYS! Can you believe it?!

Just kidding. Glenn found them hanging from our living room lamp.

So, now I'm going to put a new post on craigslist to get rid this damn monkey!

Free To Good Home
CONS: Kleptomaniac. Likes to hide things around the house. Especially eyewear. Smells. Flings poop.
PRO: Keeps in-laws at bay. Uncanny ability to pick the correct wine with any meal.

27 July 2008

part my hair, and kiss my brow, and say, my love why sufferest thou?

part my hair, and kiss my brow, and say, my love why sufferest thou?

Cupcake Wahine and I invited each other to two separate events this weekend. Saturday, I invited her to a $10 burlesque show in Madison, and on Sunday, she invited me to Cirque du Soleil in Chicago.

She wins.

But Cirque du Soleil does not allow photos so today's view is from the night before.

One show had a woman pouring chocolate sauce all over herself and the other had a man in a dog costume lifting his leg and peeing all over Cupcake. To which I'll let you guess which happened where.

26 July 2008

landmark status

landmark status #2

As mentioned a week or so ago, we spent the day in Chicago. Specifically, half the day in the "friendly confines of Wrigley Field". I'm not sure who coined that phrase as the Cub's bleacher bums I had the pleasure of sitting next to, were some of the most vicious people I've encountered in quite some time. Although, I guess antagonizing the opposing team's right fielder is the norm. I'll admit, some of what they shouted was pretty hilarious, I did picture a single tear falling down Adam Dunn's face.

I'd never been to Wrigley before. I know little of "sports" in general and I just wanted to see it for it's historic value. The fact that this ballpark stands in the center of a crowded neighborhood seems very European. People overflow into the street after the game whooping it up, open-air bars enticing fans with specials to wait out the masses, peddlers selling last chance t-shirts just inches from cops shouting at traffic and tipsy pedestrians. Chaotic entertainment! It's been years since I went to a Brewer game, but all I recall is walking out to a huge parking lot, searching for the car then driving at fifteen miles an hours for the next 45 minutes or so.

Come on! Who wouldn't rather party with the Cub fans? Just don't mention being a Wisconsin native. They can get kind of ornery if you are deemed an enemy.

See the entire set here.

23 July 2008

bizzaro kensi

bizzaro kensi

Sometimes all the attention just gets to Kensi and she needs to lay low for a while. Being such a mega-star can be pretty taxing.

21 July 2008

the happy couple

the happy couple

The big day has finally come and gone. Canopies have been returned. Friends and relatives have all gone home. The punch bowl has been cleaned and returned to the back of the cupboard. And somewhere along the line, I acquired a daughter-in-law. Which is all very cool. Luke and Tria have been a couple for eight years already, so really this was just a reason to get a bunch a people together to play Rock Band and eat tacos. You know, like every other wedding.

Most of the photos in the flickr set, are set for friends only to see. Not because there's anything to hide, I just don't feel that most people would care to see a bunch of wedding photos. But if you're interested, let me know, and I'll send you a guest pass.

As for now, I do still have a little sleep to catch up on.

11 July 2008



Hi everyone!

I obviously have a very good excuse why you haven't heard from me in some time. I'm in the middle of two weeks off preparing for Luke and Tria's wedding to happen in our backyard. (What?! oh god!!) Before that, I had to work some nasty hours in anticipation of these two weeks. I'd like to say I'm getting in a little r&r but I foresee needing a vacation after this staycation.

This shot is from last Saturday when my folks and aunt and uncle came to assist in much needed manual labor. What my family won't do for free beer and a grilled brat, huh? They actually covered the whole 400+ square foot area in one day! And it looks amazing! I was getting worried because it was looking like such a huge undertaking as we were slowly chipping away at it. So, we're impressed and delighted that it's nearly done at this stage. Sunday, Glenn and I laid down trim to hold the pavers in, and Wednesday my parents came back to add a step coming off the door. The neighbors commented we could open a Parisian cafe back there! Which would be a very good idea to help pay for the project.

We did get in one day of fun the other day. We had bought Cubs tickets way back in spring, so we left my parents to toil away laying brick, to enjoy a summer day at Wriggley Field. Yes, we're bastards like that. Seriously, Dad could've drove down on Thursday instead, but he picked Wednesday, and far be it from me to alter the final decision of a republican.

Heaven only knows when I'll get the Cubs photos processed. Did I mention we've got a wedding here in eight days?

After a very stormy night last night, it looks like the sun is trying to come out, so if you'll excuse me, my to-do list is calling...

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