29 February 2008

such is life

such is life

A tasty look at some goodies from Vom Fass in Madison. A new store featuring oils, vinegars and a few wines. Sample flavors before buying, pick out your bottles of choice, and walk out saying "holy shit, I just spent $62.58 on oil and vinegar!" But mark my words, you will go back again...


On a personal level, I should bring you all (er, both of you) up to speed on my life. Last week, my husband and I purchased his place of business. Something I haven't really talked about because I felt like it was never going to happen. Plus, if you know me, you’ve seen the constant twitch under my right eye for the past six months, so really not much point in mentioning it. But sweet jeebus, what a series of hoops we’ve been jumping through...let’s just say something like 137. 137 hoops. All while riding a blindfolded water-buffalo. 'Cuz every once in a while something gets thrown into the mix that makes no sense to either of us.

Through this experience, I can now offer this piece of advice. Don’t buy anything. Wait until Donald Trump gets his hands on the property you’re looking at, then just apply for a spot on The Apprentice. In the long run that would be easier, and you’ll get your face out there for being a go-getter and land that big corner office with the lovely glass ceiling.

I kid. I don’t really know what we’re in for yet as we've had it just over a week. Plus, it’s not changing my day-to-day schedule. Glenn’s the one who has been running the place for 13-odd years. Only difference is now he can’t push any complains on to the owner. Well, he still can I suppose, but the person on the line would be confused when it’s his voice still on the phone.

Last weekend, I got a few rooms cleaned out, hung a few photos in the main office, and started working on the website. As things progress, I'll keep you posted and start hitting you up for business. 'Cuz you are SOOOOO going to want what I have to sell you.

25 February 2008

can we be tired of all this ice and snow?

can we be tired of all this ice and snow?

My vote is going to the person who can built a weather machine, and put term limits on all this snow we're having! I think I may have heard Kucinich talking about it early in his campaign, but we were no where near the 86" level of snow when he was still in the game. What a fool I was to let his power slip through my fingers! Damn you, Kucinich! Come back to us! I believe I heard he's currently hibernating.

Actually, Cheney would probably be the right guy to melt the 4" of ice off my driveway. There's got to be a lot of heat coming off the right-hand man to Satan.

Oh man, I'm tired...

19 February 2008

please your mama, vote obama

please your mama, vote obama

According to Glenn, while he was at the polls, some kid was wandering around quietly delivering this subliminal chant. No wonder Obama is ahead. He has these tots placed at all the local votetoriums.

18 February 2008

spivvy g-man

spivvy g-man

I don't know this gentleman, but he was kind enough to allow me to take this photo of him this weekend. He and I were two of the thousands of people who attended an open casting call for the movie Public Enemies to be filmed in the Madison area this spring. Looking at this face, I'd say his chances are better than mine. Frankly, a lot of people have a better chance than I do, but I had nothing to lose by trying out. Except a few hours of standing around, I suppose.

Everyone filled out a simple questionaire with their photo attached, we received a short speech on the inner workings of the movie industry, then they snapped another photo or two of you holding a number for their records. And that was that! "Our people will call your people!" Just kidding, people from Wisconsin, don't have people!

As we were all leaving, I stopped a few styling folks that I thought fit the bill. However, I only got a few portraits in before security busted me. We were no longer in the rooms where the casting call was taking place, and the people were allowing me to do so, but they figured I was working for the enemy, or a member of terrorist organization, or something. I guess one of these people might actually make it into the film, so I shouldn't be letting the cat out of the bag. Which is understandable, I guess. The security guard was nice about it and I apologized, which is the midwest thing to do, then dragged my sorry ass back out into the cold.

So, if you see this dapper fellow in the next Johnny Depp movie, I don't know nuttin', see?!

10 February 2008

...but it's a clean wound.

...but it's a clean wound.

Ok, should I or should I not post this invitation to my blog? Will the people who read it actually come? Will I then be over my head and have to purchase eleven cases of soap?! Am I so full of myself that I think I have more then nine readers?

Here's the deal. If you're reading this, you're welcome to join us! I simply ask that you respond in this comment section, or email me with a headcount. We'll supply soap, snacks and band aids. High Noon will be serving up the liquor. All you need to bring is a small paring knife or jackknife. You'll be carving soap, not a turkey, so it should fit comfortably in your hand. Children are welcome! Well, not small children, but we've been doing this for thirteen years now and this is a totally family-friendly event! Maybe going with such a sinister poster for our first public party wasn't the best idea, but I guess I didn't really think that one through, now did I?

Feel free to send me any questions. I'll be happy to oblige!

09 February 2008



A little teaser for this year's event...stayed tuned.

*Schwakings is the technical name for the soap shavings cut off the bar.

07 February 2008

in too deep

before/after front yard

before/after backyard

We've been digging out from 18 plus inches of snow that started late on Tuesday. It's finally stopped, but it wasn't until after 8:00 this morning that the roads were plowed. The news is reporting that as many as 800 motorists were stranded on the interstate overnight! Unreal.

Reminds me that another episode of LOST in on tonight. Only it's considerably colder here in Wisconsin, and a polar bear sighting is not nearly as far fetched.

06 February 2008

snow day #2

snow day #2

Incase you can't tell from this photo, we're getting a little snow today. The forecast said 14-18" and they've not done much exaggerating this season. Unfortunately. From what I've heard, at this rate we're expected to receive a record snowfall this winter. Which I brought upon myself by putting high performance tires on my car last fall.

03 February 2008

sweeney's chair

sweeney's chair

Mitch O'Connell's gallery show was at Cha Cha Hair Salon, which is also a tattoo parlor. Buy some art, get your hair done and take a home a fresh MOM tattoo. All they need is a masseuse that gives happy endings.

Oh, and sandwiches, of course.

{See the whole set here.}

02 February 2008

things are getting heated inside...

things are getting heated inside...

We drove into Madison last night because Mitch O'Connell was in town kicking ass and taking names. I mean, selling his wears. Glenn purchased his book and oogled the tatooed female flesh. I took pictures. Neither of these things should come as a surprise to those of you who know us.

Driving in, I happened to notice, that the typically white capital dome, was red. It wasn't until later that I realized it was probably in connection with the Wear Red campaign, raising heart disease awareness in women. Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women? There, now you do. Go red!

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