15 December 2008

jacob marley?

jacob marley?

I brought out all my cookie cutters, so in addition to trees and santas, there are also ghosts and dog bones in my odd mix of sugary deliciousness. I only made half a batch as I'm still trying to find the perfect recipe. No luck this year either. These are good but I want an airy, crumbly cookie. These are still too crisp. Maybe I shouldn't roll them so thin. But then I only get three cookies per roll. A full batch would solve that, wouldn't it? Duh.

I continue to be frustrated with my camera. I see everyone on flickr shooting amazingly clear photos which my old rebel can no longer achieve and I just want to chuck it. But I'm junkie. I don't care that the needle is dirty, I just need to shoot up.

All in all, I'd like my photos as crisp as my cookies, and my cookies as crumbly as my photos.

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amy said...

mmmm, crumbly cookies.

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